Lunar Privacy

Privacy-Focused Mobile Security

A Giant Leap for Privacy

The comprehensive Lunar Privacy solution comprises Lunar Fusion, the secure messaging platform, and Lunar Connect, a proprietary mobile carrier network. Both leverage Lunar Encrypt, a proprietary encryption and secure communications server, for maximum privacy and minimum risk.

Clients may choose Lunar Fusion, Lunar Connect, or both.

  • Full control over your data
  • True end-to-end encryption
  • Hidden carrier network
  • Highly compatible
  • Privacy regulation compliant
  • Easy to set up and use

Lunar Fusion

Lunar Fusion

Private messaging and team collaboration

Explore a More Secure Platform

Lunar Fusion facilitates team collaboration via direct and private messaging, file sharing, audio, or video conferencing.

Form teams by admitting desired users. Cross-functional users can be added to multiple teams.

Select private or public channels. Only individuals intentionally, manually added can view a private channel. All members of a designated team share a public channel.

Direct messaging.

Post audio, video, or photos for a richer user experience. 

Authorized users access from standard smartphones, tablets, or computers.

All activity and data encrypted with Lunar Encrypt.

Lunar Fusion App screenshot

Lunar Connect

Lunar Connect

Secure mobile carrier network

Global access via a secure carrier network

Regular news of data breaches proves it: sensitive data isn’t always safe with the big wireless carriers. 

Lunar Connect is a secure carrier network that operates alone or in parallel with your everyday provider to deliver:  

  • Global dual cellular and data service for truly private messaging and browsing anywhere.
  • Randomized and decentralized routing to conceal location.
  • Carrier-hidden SIM cards that prevent device hacking.
  • Post-quantum encryption by Lunar Encrypt for next-level data protection. 
Lunar Connect App Screenshot

Lunar Encrypt

Lunar Encrypt

End-to-end encryption

Farewell to the Unknown Server

Third-party servers and data hosting are familiar IT fixtures. That doesn’t make them good for protecting sensitive information. Those servers might be anywhere on the planet, observing weak or obsolete security practices. The host might grant itself broad access privileges.

Lunar Encrypt upends that risky landscape. Its proprietary encryption and communications servers keep Lunar Fusion and Lunar Connect truly secure.

  • Our end-to-end encryption is quantum ready.
  • No cloud-based servers.


The result lands you in new territory on the secure communications landscape.